Ensuring that students are nurtured is an important aspect of St Mary’s. 

Each student is considered to be part of our family and is expected to respect and care for each other, our staff and their environment. We are regularly in contact with parents to ensure that we are working with the student’s home to achieve the best of care for them.

To achieve this at St Mary’s we have:

Vertical Form Classes

Our form classes include students from Years 9-13. This enables older students to provide both leadership and support for the younger students. Each class has a Form Teacher and families are encouraged to contact their daughter's Form Teacher or Dean if they have any queries or concerns.

The 2012 Form Teachers are:

Fleming A    Geoff Rodley

Fleming B    Christine Hucker

Roberton A  Lorna McAvoy

Roberton B   Sheree Asi

Stanford A   Michael Stevens

Stanford B   Margaret Thompson

Wilson A      Rick Wood

Wilson B      Barry Skinner


Each year level has a Dean who monitors both academic and social progress of each student in their form. Once a fortnight there is a Dean’s meeting providing opportunities for Deans to work with students on a variety of topics from study skills through to relationships.  Families are encouraged to contact their daughter's Dean or Form Teacher if they have any concerns or queries. 

The Deans for 2012:

Year 9  Elizabeth Higgs

Year 10 Lisa Dent

Year 11  Caroline Gonouya

Year 12  Matt Coleman

Year 13  Maria Taylor


The chaplain is not only responsible for the spiritual development of the students but is also available for pastoral care both in the Hostel and in the school.

Big Sisters

When Year 9 students start at St Mary's each one is allocated a Big Sister from Year 13.  The Year 13 students guide little sisters and provide a listening ear when needed throughout the year.


The Matrons receive professional development on the needs of teenage girls and are actually all mothers themselves. They are very capable and empathetic.