St Mary’s Diocesan is one of the few schools in New Zealand where the majority of the students are boarders. The boarding house, like the school, has a family atmosphere.

The same Anglican values of perseverance, respect, responsibility, service and care act as the basis for behaviour expected of all students. The boarding houses provide for the social needs of teenage girls and also enable privacy. 



Every evening all students have supervised prep (homework). For juniors help is available for any difficulties they may have. If students have sporting or other obligations then they are expected to do prep in the after school session. This regular routine establishes study habits that will serve them through life.


The boarding house is very conscious of the security of each of the students. Transport is available to take them to various activities around Stratford.  If they have to walk, then they must sign out and always go in pairs. At night electronic alarms and security patrols, along with matrons on-duty provide very tight security.


Most rooms are twin-share with a bathroom and separate toilet for every four students.



The school Chef and Boarding House Manager work to ensure meals are healthy and attractive to the students. After school and supper snacks are provided. Fruit is available at all times. If students wish to prepare a snack, each year level common room has a kitchen.

Morning Tea and Lunch are provided in the Dining Room for all Boarding and Day students.


All matrons are aware of the needs of teenage girls, particularly when they first arrive to board at St Mary’s. Routines are explained and girls are assisted with the practical aspects of living in a boarding house.


Parents are welcome. Students are free to contact their parents outside of prep and meal times.


The students have access to the school doctor. Matrons will make an appointment, transport the students and ensure prescriptions are filled.  Sick bay is also available close to the matrons when students are unwell.


There is a wide range of activities available. If students attend dance, modelling, sports or other activities in Stratford, transport is provided.  We also ensure that our full boarders have weekend activities arranged for them. They range from shopping in New Plymouth to skiing, walks and handcrafts.