One of the visions that St Mary’s Diocesan School has for each of its students is for each to become successful learners.

To be a successful learner in the 21st century is being able to obtain qualifications, acquire new knowledge, have strong literacy and numeracy skills, be able to manage all information available and to be able to develop all the personal management skills and attitudes needed to become successful in today’s world.



St Mary’s is proud of the success its students achieve in external examinations. We are regularly the top school in Taranaki and in the top group of schools throughout New Zealand.

St Mary's Diocesan School 2011 NCEA Results Comparison Against Other Schools:

All Schools in New Zealand Full boarders All Single Sex Girls' Schools St Mary's Diocesan
56.2 - 73.6 91.4 % of Year 11 roll passing
88.1 - 78.2 88.1 % of Year 12 roll passing
60.1 68.7 68.7 76.2 % of Year 13 roll passing
50.5 65.2 - 70 % of Year 14 roll passing University Entrance


In 2016 St Mary’s is a Decile 5 school.

The above pass rates are the % of the roll at that year level eg Year 11. However, not all students may have sat NCEA (for example out of the Year 11 students last year only 24 sat NCEA.  Included in our data are results for International Students staying with us primarily to learn English language and experience New Zealand culture.

The learning needs of students are determined on entry through testing to establish literacy and numeracy skills. This testing enables us to develop a very clear picture of their strengths and those areas that need development, and the programmes that maximise their potential.

If students need extra literacy or numeracy support this is provided either through in-class support or by withdrawal. This is co-ordinated by the Learning Support Teacher.

Students who require extension are provided opportunities in Mathematics and English. In some cases this will involve enrolment in Level 1 NCEA courses. At other times students may be enrolled in courses that enable them to follow a specific interest. This special programme is facilitated by the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator and may involve enrolment in distance learning courses or the use of mentors in the community.

St Mary’s is well equipped with COWS, data projector technology, video-conferencing equipment and e-learning facilities to enable teachers to bring the world into our classrooms and extend the learning opportunities for our students.

We actively seek high quality teachers and emphasize the importance of professional development and appraisal to ensure effectiveness of teaching at St Mary’s.